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National Infection Prevention and Control Manual

National Infection Prevention and Control Manual

Appendix 11 - Aide memoire for Patient Placement considerations and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) or Fluid Resistant Surgical Facemasks (FRSMs) for Infectious Agents

Please note that ARHAI Scotland are currently updating the ‘Transmission Based Precautions Definitions’ literature review inclusive of a reassessment of the evidence underpinning contact/droplet/airborne transmission routes.  Appendix 11 will be updated accordingly.

The following table outlines some of the Transmission Based Precautions (TBPs) required for a number of infectious agents/diseases when delivering patient care, primarily;

  • Optimal patient placement whilst the patient is considered infectious; and
  • The recommended RPE to minimise risk of cross-infection to staff, patients and visitors
  • Clinical decisions made by staff regarding use/non-use of RPE will depend on a risk assessment which should include e.g the presenting symptoms, risk of acquisition and the availability of treatment. 

The Hierarchy of Controls should also be used within health and care settings to prevent the transmission of infection – please see Appendix 20 for further details.

Download print quality table (v2.0 29 September 2022)PDF document

This poster can be used in conjunction with the A-Z of pathogens for pathogen specific guidance and supporting materials.